Annual Meeting

Of all the events hosted by the association each year, the Annual Meeting is one of the most important. Not only is it a legal proceeding required by our Bylaws, but aspects of the meeting, such as the achieving of quorum, are guided by Texas State Law (see the Texas State Property Code, Title 11, Chapter 209). Further, our membership votes for elected Board Directors at the annual meeting. To ensure an orderly turnover, annually the association votes for either two or three of the seven volunteer Directors.

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The annual meeting of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, Inc. must be held within ninety (90) days of the close of the fiscal year (December 31). Typically, we host the meeting the first week in March.

The meeting isn’t “just for show” and is a success only with homeowner participation. We must have a minimum number of homeowners—a quorum—actively participate, either in person or by voting in absentee. This requirement is outlined in Section 2:10 of the SRCA bylaws, which specifies a quorum as: “the presence in person or by proxy of Members representing at least ten percent (10 %) of the total votes in the Association.”


If you can’t attend the annual meeting in person, not to worry:  you can still participate by casting your vote in the election. Each year, we achieve the required quorum with the help of non-attendant voters who participate either by online, absentee or proxy ballot. To further aid homeowners who can’t attend in person, the Annual Meeting presentation is always posted on this website afterward. This allows any property owner in Stonebridge Ranch to review the meeting proceedings at their leisure.


If we don’t achieve quorum, our Bylaws require us to reconvene the Annual Meeting. Reconvening at a later date would waste association dues. Why? Like any large-scale event, it requires planning, staffing, funding, and contracts with third parties. Venue rental and vote tabulation are part of this. If the association does not meet the quorum requirements, the members must reconvene at a different time at a cost of thousands of dollars.


At the annual meeting, the Board of Directors presents a “state of the association” address, discussing achievements in every area from finance to social events. They also look ahead to the opportunities and challenges facing the association in the future. Each year SRCA members can expect to hear about progress we’ve made through the Strategic Plan, which the Board first developed and adopted in 2013, as well as how the Plan goals and objectives have evolved since last year’s meeting.

The meeting provides a unique opportunity for our homeowners to cooperate with the association. But there are countless opportunities for our residents to contribute to the health of this community. Each time you respond to a resident survey, read an article in the Stonebridge Ranch News, attend a social event, or contact the SRCA staff with a question, you are contributing to our collective success. We thank all our residents for all you do!