aquatic center

SRCA pools are closed through May 31st. We are not booking Beach Club pavilion rentals or private pool party reservations at this time. Further, due to our office closure, we are not making Stonebridge Ranch photo IDs. We apologize for the uncertainty and are monitoring the situation closely. If the pandemic situation improves and government regulations allow, we may be able to open the pools sooner, so please stay tuned to this website and SRCA E-News blasts. (Subscribe via the “Stay Connected” form at the bottom of this page.) We look forward to the day we can all gather in public again! 

The Stonebridge Ranch Aquatic Center is located at 7501 Coronado Drive, next to Stonebridge Plaza.

The center includes a junior Olympic-shaped pool, perfect for the serious lap swimmer as well as families enjoying a fun summer dip. The Aquatic Center also includes a kiddie wading pool with an interactive water feature suited to toddlers. Within the Aquatic Center gates, several shade structures with tables and chairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Lap swim, water aerobics. and swim lessons are available at the Aquatic Center during swim season. 


SRCA homeowners in good standing (i.e. who have a zero balance on their account) and their household members may visit the Aquatic Center at no charge during pool hours. To enter the Aquatic Center gates, you must provide proof of residency by presenting a valid form of Stonebridge Ranch ID. Children age 0-11 are not admitted without a parent or designated guardian who is at least 18 years of age. Rental tenants may access the Aquatic Center if they have completed a Transfer of Privileges with their leasing homeowner.

Smoking is not permitted at the Aquatic Center. However, visitors may bring food and beverages (including alcoholic items) within the Aquatic Center gates. Note that glass containers are strictly prohibited for the safety of all residents, so be sure to transfer all food and drink items (everything from pickles to BYOB drinks) into non-breakable containers before you visit the beach.

If you ride a bike to come to the Aquatic Center, please park it in the provided bike rack. Bikes are not permitted within the pool gates and are not to be parked against the Aquatic Center fencing, trees in landscaped areas, etc. 

Non-resident guests may enter the Aquatic Center gates under the following conditions: 

  • They must be in the company of a resident who has a Stonebridge Ranch Photo ID. Note that each resident household is permitted a maximum of eight (8) guests per day, except for major summer holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Stonebridge Ranch Day on Sept. 19, and Labor Day) when only 3 guests are permitted per resident household.
  • Each guest must pay a fee at the gate to enter. We accept cash, checks and money orders. We greatly appreciate exact cash, and we do not make change for bills higher than $20. Guests ages 3-49 pay $5 each. Guests age 50 years+ pay $1 each. Guests 2 years and younger enter for free.
  • Residents may purchase a five-time guest pass for a single person for $15. The five-time guest pass is valid for a single pool season. Unused accesses from one summer may not be used the next. The pass may not be used for multiple people; it is valid only for a single individual to use over the course of five visits. This pass can be purchased at the Aquatic Center gates.


This year the Board of Directors has approved a Complimentary Guest Card. Each Stonebridge Ranch household may obtain one (1) card for five (5) free guest pool visits. When the office reopens to walk-ins (it’s currently closed to walk-in traffic due to COVID-19 pandemic), residents will be able to stop by the association office to pick up a pass. Details: 

  • Residents may use the pass in any combination, for guests of any ages, to achieve the five (5) free guest pool visits.
  • The card may be used during non-holiday, non-event pool hours only. It may NOT be used on Memorial Day, July 4th, Stonebridge Ranch Day (Sept. 19), or Labor Day, nor to enter SRCA social events at either pool (e.g. Evening on the Veranda, Family Beach Parties, Teen Splash Hop, etc.)
  • In order to obtain the card and present it for use at SRCA pools, your SRCA account must be in good standing (i.e. have a zero balance).
  • You may not share your card with another Stonebridge Ranch household. Your card will have your Stonebridge Ranch address on it. A member of your household must present it at the time of use at the pool gate along with a valid form of Stonebridge Ranch ID. Cards shared fraudulently between households will be forfeited.
    Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • You will surrender your card to the lifeguards at the pool gate upon your fifth (5th) use. Each use will be tracked by the lifeguards with a “punch” on the card.
  • Renting tenants may obtain a card only after completing a Transfer of Privileges with their leasing homeowner.
  • This is a one (1) year pilot program that will be reviewed prior to the 2021 swim season. The Amenities Committee will look closely at pool usage rates to ensure the program doesn’t impact pool capacity or prevent resident household members from use of the pool facilities.


    • Children age 0-11 must be accompanied by a person at least 18 years of age.
    • Smoking is not permitted at the Beach & Tennis Club or Aquatic Center.
    • Food and drinks are welcome, but glass containers are strictly prohibited.
    • Working service animals are permitted within pool gates, but pets are not permitted.
    • Swimsuits are required. Cut-offs and thong bathing suits are not permitted.
    • Infants and small children must wear swim diapers and plastic pants.
    • Every hour, the lifeguards call a Safety Break time. Swimmers age 18 and under must exit the water for ten minutes. Parents, please encourage your children to use the restroom, drink water, apply sunscreen, etc. during this designated time.
    • Diving is not permitted.
    • Small children requiring supervision must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • Toys may be used at the discretion of the lifeguards. No large cannon water guns are allowed.
    • Please walk in Beach and Pool areas. For your safety, running and horseplay are not permitted.
    • In-line skates, bicycles, skateboards, etc. must be kept outside of all pool and sport court gates.
    • Food, drinks, and chairs are not permitted in SRCA pools.