Before writing your lease

things to consider

If you choose to lease your SRCA property out to a tenant, there are a number of important factors to consider before writing your lease. Below we’ve listed some of the more common topics you may want to address with your tenant–either via conversation or in a binding way in your lease–which relate specifically to the Stonebridge Ranch guidelines and lifestyle. (Note that this list is not comprehensive and does not cover every topic an individual property owner may choose to discuss with a tenant or include in a lease. The association does not mediate leases or leasing disputes; such relationships are the responsibility of the leasing owner and tenant.)
Lease Terms (Area & Duration)

We listed the basics regarding rental terms here. See Section 9.20 “Leased Properties” in the SRCA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and the Policy for Leasing of Single Occupancy Dwellings and Residential Use for complete details.

  • Properties must be leased in their entirety. Single-room, single-floor, or similar rental arrangements are not permitted.
  • All leases must be in writing and “provide that the terms of the lease are subject to the provisions of the Governing Documents.”
  • All leases must be for six (6) months or more. Transient, vacation, and short-term rentals are not permitted.
  • The property owner must provide the tenant with access to the SRCA Governing Documents (which are always available at this website).
  • The Board may request a copy of the rental lease at any time, which must be provided within 10 days.
Use of SRCA Amenities

Tenants may utilize SRCA amenities such as association pools, playgrounds, and open areas only if the owner transfers such privileges.

Trash Bins

Per the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines trash totes and recycling bins can be placed out for pick up “no earlier than 8 p.m. on the day prior to the trash pick up day. They must be properly stored within 24 hours.” To avoid a compliance violation on their account, leasing owners should ensure their tenants are aware of and comply with this requirement.

Lawn Maintenance

Whether a property owner transfers lawn care upkeep responsibilities to a tenant or not, it is the property owner’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that lots within Stonebridge Ranch adhere to the standard of a “well-maintained, safe, clean and attractive condition as outlined in Section 9.12 of the SRCA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)The standards include:

  • proper seeding and consistent watering and mowing of all lawns
  • pruning and cutting of all trees and shrubbery
  • prompt removal of all litter, trash, refuse and waste
  • watering of all landscape
  • keeping lawn and landscaped areas alive, free of weeds, and attractive
The Water Bill

When considering who will pay the property water bill, keep in mind that this bill generally goes up in the summer when more water is needed to keep the lawn at the premier standard required by SRCA guidelines.

Fence Maintenance

If you lease your property, your tenant may be best-equipped to spot early-stage maintenance issues around your home’s exterior. One common part of the property that may need attention is fencing. Depending on how your property irrigation is set, your sprinklers may affect the uniformity of your fence staining. Per the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines:

  •  All wood fence “…pickets are required to be treated through either painting or staining. All treated fences must be properly maintained to create a uniform appearance. Any finish requires approval and must be of muted earth tones in the brown or light gray range. Any repairs made to a treated fence shall result with the entire fence blending in appearance.”
Exterior Home Improvements

Tenants need to be aware that all exterior home improvement projects must follow the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines. Further, many exterior updates require the property owner to submit an application to the Modification Committee and receive approval prior to project start. When owners enter a lease relationship with a new tenant and the tenant requests exterior updates, it may be a good idea to discuss this process and the time it can take.

SRCA Communications

The SRCA sends official association communications (such as assessments and compliance notices) to the mailing address we have on file. If a property owner does not create a private online account and note his/her mailing address to the account, the SRCA has no choice but to send official communications to the property address located in Stonebridge Ranch. Issues can arise if there is a miscommunication between the tenant and leasing owners regarding mailed SRCA notices.


Learn more about registering an online account as a property owner.


The SRCA encourages both tenants and non-resident property owners to stay informed about the Stonebridge Ranch community by reading the monthly Stonebridge Ranch News magazine. It is sent free of charge to each property address in Stonebridge Ranch and is also available online. You can also sign up for our bi-weekly E-News blasts by using the opt-in form linked at the bottom of this web page under the heading “Stay Connected.”

Third-Party Information Sharing

All official account communications between the association and a property owner are private. The SRCA does not release information about a property, including specifics regarding compliance violations, to neighbors, tenants, or any other party. However, when leasing their homes, some property owners choose to work with third-party property managers, etc.


Thus, if an owner wishes a property manager or a tenant to have direct access to SRCA communications, the owner must submit a third-party consent in writing to Owners who choose this option should be aware that the third party will then have access to all information related to the property account. For more information on sharing your account access, please call The Resident Services Center at 855-947-2636.