Common Areas

Along with our portfolio of premier amenities, Stonebridge Ranch includes over 500 acres of preserved open space. We’re thankful to live in a suburban area where we can still feel close to nature. Many of our common areas are linked by the City Hike & Bike Trails system, and many provide water views around our lakes and ponds.

With the support of onsite staff and landscaping vendors, the volunteer members of the Landscape & Grounds Committee oversee the landscaping and maintenance of these areas. Their task is ongoing, complex, and evolves over time as factors change. For example, in 2016 following years of drought, the Board of Directors began to implement an upgrade of the entire irrigation system throughout Stonebridge Ranch to ensure wise water use in the beautification of our common areas. This project was completed in 2018. (For more information on this project, see the articles linked on the Board of Directors webpage.)


We thank all residents for helping us keep our common areas clean and free of debris. You can help us keep Stonebridge Ranch looking beautiful and well-kept by making sure your trash and recycling bins are secured when placed out on trash days. Please be sure to also deposit litter in the trash bins located throughout our park areas. This includes properly disposing of pet waste when you take your animals out on leash.