Community Room

NOTE:  due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Room is currently closed and may not be rented through Sunday, May 31st.


In 2017, the association renovated the Community Room located at 6201 Virginia Parkway next to the Beach Club gates. This room is used for association-sponsored events such as Bingo and coffee meet-ups. However, it is also available for private rentals by current SRCA residents. The room has a maximum occupancy of 66 people. It includes two bathrooms, a counter with a kitchen sink, a computer hook-up for playing audio/video, and 20 tables and 50 chairs.



  • Community Room rentals must be made in person at the association office at 6201 Virginia Parkway.
  • You’ll fill out the Community Room Rental Agreement > after confirming date & time availability.
  • Fees must be paid at the time of your reservation. Please note that we accept only checks (no money orders, credit cards or cash). The usage fee is $50 for the first two (2) hours + $10 for each additional hour for a maximum of 4 hours. We also require a $250 Security Deposit check which will be returned to you upon satisfactory completion of set-up and clean-up procedures (see below). The usage fee and security deposit must be paid by two separate checks.
  • The Community Room may not be rented in conjunction with a Beach Club pavilion rental, nor may guests enter the Beach Club when present for an event in the Community Room.
  • The Community Room my not be rented for paid/sponsor events, only for private special events.

In order to keep the Community Room in ever-ready order for both association-sponsored and private events, please note the following requirements when planning your private event. We do not grant exceptions to these rules.

  • You may not come into the room prior to your rental start time, and you must be completely done with clean-up procedures by your rental end time.
  • Decorations, including balloons, may not be attached to walls, ceiling, fans, or artwork.
  • The use of nails, pins, masking tape, blue painters tape, scotch tape, duct tape and the like are NOT permitted.
  • Electrical outlet usage should not exceed recommended wattage.
    Special arrangements for music and caterers shall be approved in advance by the SRCA.
  • Non-residents guests shall stay in the Community Room and are not permitted on other SRCA private property.
  • Candles, glitter, silly string and the like are NOT permitted in the Community Room.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the Community Room or on the surrounding grounds.
  • You must inform the association in advance as part of your reservation if alcoholic beverages are to be consumed at your event.
  • Residents may use the on-site computer (audio/visual) equipment. If you want to play a slideshow of photos, bring your images using a USB or Disc.
  • At the end of your event, you are responsible for clean-up, including vacuuming and wiping down tables and other surfaces. We provide the use of an onsite vacuum, trash bags, and cleaning materials to facilitate this process for you. You must remove all musical equipment, catering, centerpieces and balloons, debris, etc. from the room prior to the end time of your rental. You are responsible to place trash in the dumpster in the Beach & Tennis Club parking lot. Tables and chairs should be left in a neat, as-found placement and condition.

If you have any questions about Community Room rental, please call the association office at 214.733.5800.