financial considerations

The annual operating budget for the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) is over $8 million. We are able to safeguard our shared assets through the collection of annual assessments.

2020 SRCA Budget Summary >

You may be wondering what dues are associated with membership in the SRCA. Below is a breakdown of the types of fees paid by homeowners in our community.


In regards to annual assessments, property lots in Stonebridge Ranch fall into one of two categories, either flat-rate or tax-value.

  • Flat-Rate.  These homeowners pay a flat annual assessment each year as determined by the Board of Directors. Per the SRCA Governing Documents >, the board may not raise this rate more than 5% each year. For the year 2020, the flat rate assessment was $800. See our How to Pay Assessments > page for more information.
  • Tax-Value.  These homeowners pay an annual assessment which is calculated by multiplying a factor (X) by each $100 of assessed valuation (not to exceed the flat-rate annual assessment fee for that year). Thirty years ago, the first lots built in Stonebridge Ranch were all tax-value lots. Today, less than 8% of lots in our community are tax-value lots. Eventually, all lots will be assessed at the flat rate. An original tax-value lots transfer to the flat rate when the first homeowner sells the property.

The SRCA mails annual assessment statements by the end of each November. Assessments are due January 1 and are considered past due if not paid by January 31. Homeowners may choose between several payment options if they set up an private online account > with CMA, our professional management company. See the ‘How to Pay Assessments’ > web page for detailed payment information.

Failure to pay annual assessments by the due date can result in fines and legal fees. If residents have any questions about their annual statement, they should contact CMA Corporate Customer Care (972.943.2828 or >) as soon as possible.


Along with oversight by the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA), some of our villages are also managed by sub-associations >. The sub-associations oversee neighborhood-specific areas of management, such as street or landscaping maintenance.

Each sub-association assesses separate fees to their own homeowners each year. The sub-associations communicate directly with residents and may bill monthly, quarterly, or yearly. We do not list their fees, etc. at this SRCA website.


The SRCA Compliance Coordinators inspect all properties throughout Stonebridge Ranch on a rotating two-week schedule. Notices and fines are assessed in accordance with the SRCA Covenant Enforcement and Fining Policy >. We encourage homeowners to call (214) 733-5800 as soon as possible if they have questions upon receiving a reminder notice about a compliance issue. Please do not delay, as violations can lead to fines on the account. Residents may not use the association amenities until they clear their balance. This can affect renting tenants to whom the homeowner has transferred privileges >.


Residents may bring guests with them to the association pools for a nominal fee. Residents may also rent the Beach Club picnic pavilions or Community Room for a fee. Click the links below for details.