Governing Documents

A library of documents ensures the stable foundation and continuity of our community over the course of decades. Upon buying a property within Stonebridge Ranch, each homeowner is responsible for understanding and adhering to the guidelines outlined on this page. Typically, a home seller provides the buyer with access to all SRCA governing documents during the closing process. These documents are also available at this website as well. By making them public, we provide prospective homeowners with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our guidelines before purchasing a home here.

Read ahead to learn about our Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs, Bylaws, Association Policies, Master Design GuidelinesModification Design Guidelines, and Village Guidelines.


The Articles of Incorporation, signed in 1988, provide the basic cornerstone of our association.  This document identifies the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) as a nonprofit corporation “pertaining to the Stonebridge Ranch project within the City of McKinney, Collin County, Texas.”


The Stonebridge Ranch Covenants, Conditions and Requirements are commonly referred to as the CC&Rs. This document outlines the basic parameters of our homeowners association by defining terms and detailing the rights and responsibilities of our homeowner members. The CC&Rs may be amended only by a majority vote of all members of the association. Here a just a few of the important topics discussed in the CC&Rs:


  • Membership and voting rights in the association
  • Rights and enjoyment of the common properties
  • Basis and amount of annual assessments

The Bylaws

The Stonebridge Ranch Bylaws further define the membership of the association and guide the duties of SRCA elected Board of Directors. Some of the topics covered in this document are:


  • Oversight of association meetings, quorum, voting, and proxies
  • The number, powers and meetings of the elected Board of Directors.
  • The powers and duties of volunteer committees


The association policies are authored by the Board of Directors to offer guidance regarding specific topics that are not outlined fully in the CC&Rs or Bylaws. These have been developed over the course of years as the Board members have determined the need for each one. Most relate to some aspect of the association’s daily operations. The Board reviews each policy on an annual basis to determine if any updates are appropriate.


    The Master Design Guidelines for single-family residential dwellings provide architectural guidance for developers and home builders who are erecting new houses within the borders of Stonebridge Ranch. The primary purpose of the document is  “to better assure that builders of single-family residential properties within Stonebridge Ranch will conform and adhere to high standards of design excellence and successfully integrate the various land uses into a cohesive community.” 


    One document that all homeowners need to be familiar with is titled Design Guidelines and Review Procedures for Residential Modifications. This document is commonly referred to as the “Modification Guidelines” or the “Design Guidelines” by homeowners. Throughout this website, you will see it referred to as the Modification Design Guidelines.

    This document governs exterior modifications which owners makes to their homes after they are already built. There are many home improvement projects which require design compliance as outlined in the Modification Design GuidelinesSome projects require approval from the SRCA Modifications Committee as well.

    Projects requiring compliance include (to name just a few):  awnings, basketball goals, birdhouses, flagpoles, hot tubs, patios, outdoor fireplaces, rainwater collection devices, and many more. For more information on the Modification Application process, please visit the following pages.

    Note: we recommend that you DO NOT save the Modification Design Guidelines PDF file to refer to it later. This document goes through annual review and does occasionally change. To make sure you are reading the most current version, always refer to the document linked at this website. We also suggest you clear your browser cache to ensure you are reviewing the current version.


    Each of the 70+ villages in Stonebridge Ranch has its own unique style and look based on the concept of the original developer and builder of that neighborhood. Along with following the Stonebridge Ranch Modification Design Guidelines, homeowners also need to be familiar with the guidelines unique to their village. Please visit the following page for more information on village guidelines.