How to Pay assessments

In 2019, most members of the SRCA will pay a flat rate annual assessment of $765 to the association. A small amount of homeowners who live in our original villages pay an annual amount which is calculated using property tax values (not to exceed the flat rate). Tax-rate lots switch to the annual flat rate assessment when they are sold by the first owner. Homeowners who live in a village with a sub-association may also pay separate to their sub-association each year.

RTI/Community Assoication Managements, the professional management company which oversees SRCA daily operations, provides a number of convenient options for paying your annual assessment each January. 


  • Pay by Credit Card online. To use this option, log in at CMA accepts MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover Card. The third party credit card processor (not the SRCA or CMA) applies a small fee to online credit card payments.
  • Pay by E-check. When you sign up to use the private online e-checking option, your pay no fee and can choose between a one-time e-check payment or recurring payments. Some residents like to make a monthly payment so that when annual assessments are due in January, they need only to make up the final difference rather than paying the full assessment amount.
  • Recurring payment by ACH. This private online option provides ease and peace of mind, knowing that your yearly SRCA assessment will be paid automatically and on time. You pay no fee unless the payment is rejected for any reason by your bank.


  • Payment in person with a check. Please bring your signed check to the association office at 6201 Virginia Parkway,  McKinney, TX 75072. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday. We do not accept in-person cash or credit/debit card payments.
  • Payment by mail with a check. You pay no extra fee when you mail your check to the address provided on your annual assessment notice. If you choose this option, be sure to mail it 10-15 days before it is due to ensure it arrives on time.
  • Pay by Phone. If you would like to pay over the phone or have any questions about billing, please call CMA Customer Care at 972-943-2828.


It is important that residents pay their annual assessments in a timely manner. Collected dues pay the costs of operating the association, including annual maintenance of the common areas and amenities provided for resident use. Residents who are delinquent in paying the annual assessment may not use premier amenities like the Beach & Tennis Club or the Aquatic Center. Similarly, if your account becomes past-due and you set up a payment plan with CMA to clear it, you cannot access SRCA amenities until the balance is paid in full.

Assessments are due January 1st of each year and are past due if not received by January 31st of the assessment year. If you do not receive your association bill by January 1st, it is your responsibility to contact the corporate CMA office at (972) 943-2800 for a statement copy. You can also submit your request via this website by using our “Submit a Question” form.