important update


On Friday, June 26, the Governor of Texas updated the Executive Order regarding COVID-19 restrictions, impacting our outdoor event capacity. Per the current regulation, our social gathering headcount may not exceed 100 people. Due to event space considerations, vendor requirements, and in support of community health, please note the following:

  • Three large-scale Concerts on the Circle have been POSTPONED until further notice. They were originally scheduled for July 3rd, 10th and 18th. We hope to reschedule them later this summer or in the fall.
  • The Wine Tasting > on July 20th has been POSTPONED until further notice.
  • The Adult Pool Party > on Friday, July 17th now has a headcount capacity of 100 people. This event will be first-come, first-serve at the gate until capacity is reached. No guests will be permitted. It is open only to residents age 21+ with I.D.
  • We still plan to host Coffee, Cars & Cycles > on the morning of Saturday, July 18th.

As always, a reminder: we’re all in this together! If anything we have noted above changes, we will keep residents informed through our official SRCA communication channels.



In regards to pool headcount capacity at the Beach Club (6201 Virginia Parkway) and the Aquatic Center (7501 Coronado Drive), we are following Executive Orders issued by the Governor of the State of Texas. Currently, we are permitted a headcount capacity of 50%. This equates to only 114 people at the Beach Club and only 74 at the Aquatic Center at any given time. 

In hopes of maximizing the number of homeowners who have a chance to visit our pools during this state-mandated period, we are admitting swimmers who follow the requirements listed below on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Note that we will continue to host three swim sessions per day each pool is open, with hour-long breaks so we can exercise increased sanitation measures. Sessions are for general swim and for permanent residents only. The times are 9 AM to Noon, 1 to 4 PM, and 5 to 8 PM. The Beach Club is closed on Mondays for extra cleaning, and the Aquatic Center is closed on Tuesdays.

  • You must bring a valid form of Stonebridge Ranch ID > with you for each household member to gain pool entry.
  • Non-resident guests are not permitted at this time.
  • You will be required to sign a waiver at the gate acknowledging that you are swimming at your own risk (even if you have signed one before).
  • You must have a $0 balance on your account to enter. The guards will check this at the gate. If you do not have a $0 balance, you will be turned away at the gate–no exceptions. It is your responsibility to know the balance on your account. It is noted in your private online account >. If you need to register to see your account, follow these instructions >
  • We will host three swim sessions per day (for general swim only) as noted above. You must follow lifeguard instructions and leave when the swim session ends. Priority entrance will be given to new swimmers waiting in line at the start of each session. Preference will not be given to those who wish to reenter following their previous session.
  • If you arrive at the pool gates and we have already reached headcount capacity, you will be denied entry–no exceptions.
    We are observing these updated pool rules >. Note that masks are recommended, not required, and that pool toys (such as sand toys and flotation “noodles”) are permitted.


What about other pool services, such as lap swim and water aerobics at the Aquatic Center, etc?

Because our swim capacity is so reduced and because we have implemented increased sanitation measures, we are offering general swim sessions only. For the time being and with our apologies, we are not offering lap swim times or water aerobics. Though the splash pads are open, residents may not rent paddle boats, access the dock at the Beach Club, or rent pavilions at the Beach Club.

The Board of Directors is carefully weighing all options to make decisions on behalf of the community at large. If the Board of Directors votes to reinstate some or all of these related pool services, we will alert residents through our communication channels (E-News blasts, the website, and our new Official SRCA Facebook Group >).

When will we be back at 100% capacity?

We do not know. We are following state-mandated guidelines. Like everyone else, we learn about updates to Executive Orders in real time as they are released. Though we have no foreknowledge, we look forward to the day when we can resume all the normal operations we know and love!


All SRCA playgrounds > reopened for use on Monday, June 1st. Because we cannot disinfect the climbing equipment, slides or swings between each use, residents must use their best judgement when utilizing park areas. Parents, please note: 


  • Residents should practice safe social distancing related to Covid-19, adhere to CDC health guidelines >, and follow applicable state and local guidelines. 
  • Please do not use the equipment if you (or any of your household members) have Covid-19 symptoms OR you have been in contact within the last 14 days with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. 
  • Residents assume all risk when utilizing common area owned by the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). The SRCA offers no warranty or fitness for use in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.


At this time, the Community Room and Beach Club pavilions remain closed. We are not accepting reservations for either amenity due to headcount capacities and our inability to predict government guidelines related to the Covid-19 reopening.

As soon as the Board votes to open the Community Room and pavilions for reservations, we will alert residents through SRCA E-News blasts and the homepage at this website.


    • The association office is now open to walk-ins. A face mask is required to enter the building. If you wish to handle your association business remotely, please do. Staff are working to assist residents Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM). YOU call 214-733-5800 or email > if have questions related to your property or account.  
    • Due to the close physical contact required to play basketball, the basketball courts are NOT open at this time. 
    • Stroller Strides and Strides 360 workout classes are canceled until further notice. If you are already a member of these classes, you can find resources and virtual workouts via the members-only Facebook page. The group is also offering a discounted Virtual Class Pass to anyone who wants to join them. Please email instructor > for more info.


      This is an evolving situation. We will continue to update residents via this website and our E-News blasts as the situation unfolds.

      We thank you for your understanding and care for each other during this pandemic. We’ve heard reports of residents looking out for each other in a variety of ways, and we are inspired by your neighborliness!

      We look forward to the day when we can all gather together as a community again! We wish all our residents health and happiness during this unusual time.