Modification application process

So, you’re considering making a change or repair to your property? Please be advised that many projects require homeowners to submit a Modification Application AND receive approval from the Modifications Committee prior to project start. Failure to submit a required application, failure to receive approval prior to project start, or deviation from an approved plan can lead to a violation and/or fines on your account with the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). Thus, we urge you:  please follow the steps listed below in order to protect yourself. A few tips before we get started:

  • The word “modifications” can refer to a wide range of projects. Whether you’re hoping to add something new to your home exterior, or you need to repair, replace, or update already-existing features, you may need to submit an application and receive committee approval to do so.

  • Why? The reason is simple. Stonebridge Ranch has been here for over thirty years. The Modification Design Guidelines are a living document which may be updated as needed by the Board of Directors in order to:  clarify wording or intent; reflect changing home technologies; comply with new state legislation; etc. When you replace an existing structure on your property, you need to be sure your materials and specs meet the current version of SRCA guidelines.


1. Exterior vs. interior?

 Is your home improvement located within the existing interior walls of your home? If so, this one’s easy! You may proceed as you see fit. Compliance applies only to exterior home additions and maintenance/modifications/replacements/upgrades.

2. Review the Modification Design Guidelines governing your type of project.
  • You need to review both the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines and the village guidelines for your specific neighborhood. The SRCA guidelines protect the cohesive appeal of all of Stonebridge Ranch, and the guidelines for each village protect the unique details that set your neighborhood apart. In all cases, you need to follow the most restrictive guideline, whether it is located in the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines or your village’s guidelines.
  • A number of villages in Stonebridge Ranch are part of the SRCA as well as members of a neighborhood sub-association. If your home is located in one of these villages, you may need to submit and receive modification approval from your sub-association after receiving project approval from the SRCA. 
3. Application, yes or no?

Some modifications require application submission and approval. Others do not so long as you comply with all applicable design guidelines when completing your home improvement project. Failure to submit a required Modification Application and receive committee approval can lead to violations and/or fines, so confirming whether you need to submit an application is a very important step. The submittal requirements are listed in the Modification Design Guidelines for each type of project (see screenshot below).

COLOR PALETTE  Some projects do not require an application but do require you to use approved colors (see the section titled “Color Changes” in the Modification Design Guidelines.)

ROOFING SHINGLES  If you are replacing your roof and you want the quickest possible approval for your choice of materials, pick a shingle type (manufacturer, warranty, and color) from the Pre-Approved Roofing Selection List. Note:


  • Check the Pre-Approved Roofing Selection list even if you want to replace your roof with the same material as before. The guidelines do periodically change, so be sure your roofing material meets current requirements.
  • When you choose from the list, you will receive automatic approval from the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) for your roof replacement upon submittal of your Modification Application.
  • Some villages have more restrictive guidelines than those for the SRCA and do not permit all shingle types noted on the SRCA approved list. As always, be sure to read all guidelines and follow the most restrictive guideline. 
  • If your shingle type is NOT on the pre-approved SRCA list—even if you are replacing your roof with the same shingles as before—you’ll need to submit a Modification Application and receive approval from Committee. This is because your original roofing type may not be permitted by current requirements. The application process is designed to protect you. The Modifications Committee serves to confirm homeowner selections meet current SRCA standards.
4. Supply documentation.

If an approved Modification Application is required for your type of project, you’ll need to include documentation and attach files to your application. You’ll find what documentation is required when you review the Modification Design Guidelines and village guidelines as noted in steps #2-3 above. Required documentation will include one or more of the following:

  • A complete materials list for the project, including exact paint samples and/or stain color.
  • A picture or drawing of the modification, complete with dimensions (height, width, depth, etc.).
  • A site plan complete with dimensions. This plan must show the location of the following in relation to each other: the house, any other structures on the lot, the proposed structure including setbacks, and all property lines. You or your contractor will need to use a tape measure and complete the legwork necessary to supply these figures.
  • Note that applications which are submitted without all required documents are automatically denied and must be resubmitted.

If you have questions regarding the required documents, please contact our staff BEFORE your submit your application.

For fencing or trash tote screening projects, contact Compliance Coordinator, at [email protected]

For all other project types, please direct your questions to Administrative Assistant, at [email protected]

5. Communicate with your neighbor.

If you are making a modification which involves a shared fence or a retaining wall, you need to fill out the Neighbor Agreement Form and attach it to your Modification Application. We also encourage the common courtesy of informing your adjacent neighbors about your project to forewarn them of construction noise and activity.

6. Submit your application.

If a Modification Application is required, you’ll need fill out, sign and submit the application with all applicable documentation. 

  • PDF Application.  You may download and fill out the Modification Application PDF. Please return this to the association office. You can do so by mail, in person, or by email. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM. The main phone number is 214-733-5800.

When submitting by email, submit to [email protected]

Note:  depending on your type of project, you may also need to obtain a Building Permit from the City of McKinney prior to construction. The approval of an SRCA Modifications Application does not mean that approval will be granted by the City of McKinney and vice versa. Visit the City of McKinney website to learn more about construction permits.

7. Take responsibility.

The following tasks are the responsibility of the SRCA property owner, NOT the project contractor or any other party. It is your responsibility to:


  • Read the Modification Design Guidelines and village guidelines to ensure your exterior property modification complies with all applicable requirements.
  • Submit your Modification Application (if required) along with all related documentation and forms.
  • Ensure that project construction begins only after you have received Modification Committee approval (if application and approval are required for your type of project).
  • Construct the exact design approved by the Modifications Committee (if application and approval are required for your type of project). Altering from your SRCA-approved plan can lead to violations and fines.
8. Time Frame

Per SRCA governing documents, the volunteers of the committee have up to 30 days to respond to your Modification Application. However, they work to respond to applications in a more timely manner—within two weeks whenever possible.

Once an application is approved by the Modification Committee, the homeowner must commence and complete the approved plan within ninety (90) days. If more time is needed, the owner may request an extension in writing. (If the owner does not request an extension, they need to resubmit their application a second time when they are ready to tackle the home improvement project.)