Modifications Committee

Without the Modification Committee’s oversight in regards to home modifications and landscaping upkeep, it would be difficult for Stonebridge Ranch to maintain a cohesive and premier appeal across the more than 70 unique villages over time. This committee plays a particularly crucial role in the long-term health of our association by assisting homeowners in the protection of property values.

As part of their many duties, the Modifications volunteers review all Modification Applications for exterior home improvements in Stonebridge Ranch. These applications include homeowners’ proposed alterations to existing residential structures, new additions to a property (such as building a back-yard arbor or installing a pool), replacing major exterior home elements (such as a roof or a fence), and maintaining and updating yard landscaping.

In order to have the expertise necessary to approve and deny Modifications Applications, the volunteers of this committee must be well-versed in the governing documents of our community. Not only do they have a working knowledge of the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines, but also the individual village guidelines for each of the 70+ villages within Stonebridge Ranch.

Because all these documents total more than 2000 pages, serving on the Modifications Committee requires a true commitment. Further, though our governing documents grant the committee up to 30 days to review each application, our volunteers do their very best to return each decision to the applicant within 14 business days. Ultimately, their service is two-fold:  not only do they support each homeowner seeking to improve their own property, but they do so by helping to preserve the cohesive, united, and timeless visual appeal of one of the largest homeowners associations in Texas.

In the completion of their duties, the Modifications Committee meets twice a month to review applications and hear first-level homeowner appeals. Because Modification Committee meetings are held in executive session to discuss private property information, we do not publish their meeting minutes like we do for the other SRCA committees. 

Annually the Modifications Committee also reviews the community’s Modification Design Guidelines. As needed with Board approval, the committee may update the guidelines in order to:  clarify wording or intent; incorporate changing home technologies; reflect new state legislation; etc.

“This Committee exists to protect homeowners from making costly home updates which are not permitted by our community guidelines.

“If I could ask one thing of residents, it would be this:  when you learn your neighbors are considering an update to their yards or home exteriors, don’t try to guide them in the application process yourself, and don’t discount the process by telling them, ‘It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.’ This is unkind advice because homeowners can end up with extra financial costs by not following guidelines. Instead, ask them if they’ve reviewed the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines, been in contact with our professional staff, submitted their Modification Applications, and received Committee approval.

“On a personal level, it can be truly heartbreaking for our volunteers when they must deny someone’s property modification. We are all neighbors, after all. But the volunteers serve to uphold the Modification Design Guidelines in the belief that we can preserve the continuity and beauty of our community over time. Homeowners play a vital role by respecting the application process.”

Kristen Vartian

Board Director & Liaison to the Modifications Committee


Occasionally, natural events such as severe hail storms affect our community at large. In the aftermath of such events, an unusually large number of residents may need to make exterior property modifications, such as replacing their roofing or fencing.

When deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, the association will issue a Storm Declaration in response. During such periods, the Modifications Committee reviews storm-related applications through an expedited process in order to support homeowners who need to make home improvements quickly. The turnaround time for applicable Modifications Applications during such times is typically 2 business days. In the aftermath of severe storm events in Stonebridge Ranch, please pay close attention to association communication channels, including the homepage of this website and our bi-weekly email blasts (you can sign up below under the header “Stay Connected”), to see if a Storm Declaration has been issued.

The Modifications Committee reviews all applications online with a max review time limit of 30 days. The committee conducts regular meetings to hear homeowner appeals. Meetings are held in the board room at the onsite SRCA office at 6201 Virginia Parkway.