Our History


In the 1970’s, Collin County was predominantly farm and ranch land. At the time, the 1,357 acres at the heart of Stonebridge Ranch was a tract known as the Flying M Ranch. Located outside the city limits of the small town of McKinney, the ranch wasn’t part of any suburb and had no paved streets. Instead, it was owned by a successful Dallas businessman and avid amateur pilot named M. Martin, who used it as his own private getaway. 

But the Flying M wouldn’t remain a working ranch for much longer. Conveniently situated between Frisco to the west and McKinney (the Collin County seat) to the east, the tract of land was “ground zero” for the development boom that lay ahead for zip code 75071. In 1970, the recorded population of Collin County was only 66,920 people. But with the area’s proximity to Dallas, and the breadth of open land stretching to the north, the Flying M Ranch and everything around it was a prime location for real estate development. By 2017, the county’s population hovered at just under a million with 969,603 residents—a nearly 1,350% increase from 1970!

Martin sold the Flying M Ranch in 1971. The first development team zeroed in on the land that could be developed in the natural drainage basin of Wilson Creek. The investors hired the Phillips Brandt Reddick (PBR) architectural firm of Newport Beach, California, to develop the land plan. The firm had an impressive track record, having designed the plan for the very successful Woodlands development in Houston. To locals, it soon became clear that something big was taking shape as streets, sewer and utilities, golf courses and a Beach & Tennis club began to emerge. 

When one compares the similarity of amenity photos taken 30 years ago to images taken today, it’s clear that the dedication of former developers, homeowners, volunteers and professional staff paid off. Despite the exponential growth in our own population, there are many aspects of life here which have stood the test of time. Not only is this a testament to the strength and desirability of the original vision, but to the value of maintenance and oversight made possible by the collection of annual assessments over the past three decades.

What does the future hold for Stonebridge Ranch? The answer to this question lies in the hands of everyone who lives here today, not just in the hands of the Board of Directors, committee volunteers, and staff. If we, as a community, continue to strive toward our vision statement-“to be the premier master-planned community in North Texas”-we will surely safeguard Stonebridge Ranch for future generations.

To all of our homeowners and residents, we say “thank you”. Thank you for every contribution you make to this homeowners association, no matter how small. Thank you for getting to know your neighbors, for helping each other with home upkeep and other projects, and for sharing smiles and waves on our sidewalks and streets. Thank you for upholding the Modification Design Guidelines which preserve our community’s cohesive appeal across 74 distinctive villages. Thank you for the work you put into landscaping your individual yards. Thank you for contributing the annual dues which allow us to maintain and add to our large portfolio of shared amenities. Thank you for the energy and camaraderie you impart to others when you come out and participate in association events. Thank you for reading the Stonebridge Ranch News magazine and paying attention to the communication channels we’ve designed to help you stay informed and engaged.