Parks & playgrounds

The SRCA playgrounds listed below will reopen for use on Monday, June 1st. Because we cannot disinfect the equipment between each use, residents must use their best judgement when utilizing park areas. Parents, please note: 

  • Residents should practice safe social distancing related to Covid-19, adhere to CDC health guidelines, and follow applicable state and local guidelines.

  • Do not use the equipment if you or any of your household members have Covid-19 symptoms or if you believe you were in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19.

  • Residents assume all risk when utilizing common area owned by the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). The SRCA offers no warranty or fitness for use in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are many parks located throughout the villages of Stonebridge Ranch, giving residents both a wide variety of parks to choose from, as well as close proximity to play areas. SRCA members are welcome to the first-come, first-use of all our common area parks, regardless of whether they are located in your neighborhood or not.

We do not rent any of these areas out for private use, so as always, please be courteous in your shared use of all the facilities maintained by our association. If you visit any park or playground for a large group gathering, you are responsible to ensure that these facilities are clean before leaving the area. Please do not leave trash cans overflowing or leave debris behind when you leave. All sports facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis daily from sunrise until dark. Group or team use of open field play areas should be limited to one (1) hour if other members are waiting to use the field.

The following is a list of all SRCA parks and playgrounds.

Arbor Glen Park

2019 Springcress Drive

Beach & Tennis Club

6201 Virginia Parkway

Eagle Creek Park

8001 Owl Creek Lane

Fountainview Park

2805 Ozark Cove

Nora Haney Park

Located on the east side of Lake Forest Dr. between Glen Oaks/Eldorado Dr.

Quail Creek Park

5003 Quail Creek Drive

The Park at Plainfield

This park is located at the cross streets of Plainfield Dr., Red Rock Dr., and Rayburn Dr.

Saddlehorn Ridge Park

300 Saddlehorn Drive

Stanford Meadow Park

2504 Wingate Lane

Stonebridge Plaza Playgrounds

7501 Coronado Drive

Willow Brook Pocket Park

5912 Berkshire Road

Woodhaven Park

1121 Woodcliff Drive

Wren Creek Pocket Park

1701 Camberton Drive

Wyndsor Grove Pocket Park

704 Glendevon Drive


Stonebridge Ranch is also home to the five following on-site municipal parks, which are maintained by the City of McKinney, so if you spot maintenance issues at these parks, please report them to the City directly.

W.B.Finney Park is located at 6350 Glen Oaks Drive. It is comprised of 13.3 acres and includes one picnic shelter with electrical outlets, two play structures, swings, two softball backstops, a hike and bike trail, and two open turf areas for playing soccer. The park has no restrooms. Parking is available at Glen Oaks Elementary.

Falcon Creek Park is located at 301 Peregrine Drive. It is comprised of 11.6 acres and includes one picnic shelter, a play structure, swings, a ½-acre fishing pond, a softball field, a hike and bike trail, a multi-purpose court and open turf areas for playing soccer. The park has no restrooms, but it does include 16 parking spaces.

Gabe Nesbitt Park is a 150-acre area located at 7001 W. Eldorado Parkway. It includes the Apex Center, baseball and softball fields, a jogging track, the John and Judy Gay Library, open space, the PSA Arena, a skate park, a tennis complex, and onsite parking. soccer fields, tennis courts, picnic shelters,playgrounds, and connecting hike-and-bike trails.

Tom Allen, Jr. Park is located at 3301 Bahnman Drive. This six-acre area includes one picnic shelter, a free play structure with swings, a hike and bike trail, and 44 parking spaces.

Carey Cox Memorial Park is a 10-acre park located at 1611 N. Stonebridge Dr. It has one picnic shelter with electrical outlets, a play structure and swings, climbing boulders, a hike and bike trail, and open turf area for playing soccer. There are no restrooms, but there are 15 parking spaces. This park houses the City Parks Administration offices.