SB lake Trail

The Amenities Committee is pleased to announce the newest addition to our portfolio of amenities, the Stonebridge Ranch Lake Trail (SBLT). Utilizing existing trails and sidewalks, the SBLT is a loop of almost 20 miles contained within the boundaries of Stonebridge Ranch. It passes by 15 lakes and ponds owned by the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA), including some of the most beautiful vistas in our community. The route also passes by a number of SRCA playgrounds and city parks. Since it is not entirely accessible by car, the SBLT entices residents to get out and exercise, exploring hidden corners among our 75 villages.

The central point of the SBLT is the entrance to the Stonebridge Lake dam sidewalk, adjacent to the Beach & Tennis Club parking lot at 6201 Virginia Parkway. From there, the first trail sign is located due west in Adriatica, followed by signs along a series of beautiful ponds in the village of Wellington. Ultimately, the route extends as far south as the villages of Aspendale and Cascades, as far west as the village of Fountainview, as far north as the villages of La Cima Manor and Wren Creek, and as far east as the village of Quail Creek.


While a seasoned bike rider could certainly complete the entire 20-mile loop in one pass, residents can also select shorter portions of the route to explore based on interest or proximity to home. We encourage you to enjoy different sections of the route at your leisure!

Below are links to overview maps and a list of trail sign locations and directions. (The directions list includes notes re: path types and amenity destinations to help you plan your excursions.) Further below are portions of the map in smaller sections, provided for closer inspection.



Because this project utilizes existing pathways, the cost to the SRCA is minimal for a potential big impact. Members of the Amenities Committee see a number of benefits for residents: 

  • Size. Not many HOAs are large enough to accommodate a 20-mile loop within their borders. 
  • Connection. The route provides opportunities for neighbors to interact with each other while enjoying SRCA common area and tree canopy. (See the this webpage for reminders regarding sidewalk etiquette.)
  • Exploration. Following the route enables residents to discover areas they may have not seen before.
  • Learning. Using the map is a great way for new residents to get their bearings and learn about where they live.
  • Adapability. Though the route starts and ends at Stonebridge Lake, residents can get off or on anywhere.


Please note: the Amenities Committee considers the trail route a “living, breathing” amenity that remains a work in progress. Some portions of the route may not include ramps, paving, signs, lighting, etc. Please exercise a normal degree of caution as you traverse all areas. 


Much of the route runs alongside the City of McKinney Bicycle Boulevard. We encourage cyclists to use the Bicycle Boulevard lanes wherever possible. Please also take care when navigating the tunnels under streets, watching out for pedestrians, gravel, drainage, sun blindness (going from light to dark), etc. Consider shifting to low gear or walking bikes through tunnel areas.

The City of McKinney website includes other helpful recreation resources, including an interactive trails locater, which can be accessed via the city’s Parks & Trails webpage.