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Residents must voluntarily subscribe to receive public E-News blasts from the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA). Anyone can sign up at any time–just scroll to the bottom of any page at this website and fill out the ‘Stay Connected’ form on the right.

If you aren’t sure why you should sign up, scroll further below on this page to read the top five reasons why you should sign up today!

Please note:  we highly recommend that all homeowners also sign up for a private online account with CMA Management, our professional management company. When you create that account, you can choose to provide an email address in your profile. CMA uses this email address to connect with you in PRIVATE on topics related to your individual SRCA account and village, such as your annual assessment fee and modification applications. To sign up for a private online account (or to access your account so you can add your email address), click the “Homeowner Account Login” button at the top right of every page at this website. This button links you to CMA’s online site for conducting private business with you.

Please note that you must voluntarily provide your email address in BOTH locations to receive both PUBLIC and PRIVATE communications related to SRCA. You may provide your email of preference in either location–the addresses do not need to match. For questions related to the public SRCA E-News blasts, please send your query via the Submit a Question > page on this website. For questions related to your private online account (such as registering or resetting your password), please call CMA’s corporate Customer Care line at 972.943.2828. 


1. E-News features our fastest turnaround time and news cycle.
Each SRCA communication channel, from the Stoenbridge Ranch News magazine to this website, provides a uniquely useful way for the Board, its appointed committees, and the association staff to communicate essential information to homeowners. We use E-News to notify you about the latest and most important association news. Each blast features at least one topical updates the community at large. The blasts also include upcoming social event details and other reminders.
2. We use E-News to send one-time broadcasts re: vital association info.
Typically, we send E-News only twice a month, but as needed, we use it to send special announcements, too. Examples include Storm & Disaster Declarations proclaimed by the Board President. This functionality was put to good use in 2017, when the Board President announced an expedited modification application process for homeowners affected by spring storms. E-News informed residents within 24 hours how to utilize the expedited process.
3. E-News provides a two-way channel of communication by soliciting your feedback.
While we use E-News primarily to keep residents well informed regarding association business, when applicable it provides a useful format to request homeowner feedback via “flash surveys” on timely issues. For example, in March 2017 we solicited feedback on the behalf of the City of McKinney regarding the hot topic of possibly replacing stop signs along Glen Oaks Drive with stop lights. Over 1000 residents responded, our biggest response to a survey yet! To make sure you have access to all surveys, including the ones you’ll feel most passionate about, opt in to E-News today.
4. Your subscription is free and voluntary.
Only you can opt yourself into our email blast list. We follow industry-standard best practices in the maintenance of the list by keeping your sign-up info private and using it only to send E-News to you. (Though you can opt-out any time by hitting the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of each email, we highly encourage you to stay in the list. Even if some blasts do not contain info that you find pertinent, you may miss an important community declaration by unsubscribing.)
5. Sign-Up is easy!
Want to sign up today?  We’d love to start communicating with you through this channel if you think it could be helpful to you. To opt in, enter your email in the “Stay Connected” form below.