Broadcast Texts

The Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA) offers broadcast text messaging to help residents stay informed. The program is available only to homeowners via their private online accounts with CMA, our professional management company. Homeowners must subscribe their preferred phone number(s) to the program. We will not send text messages without permission. Read ahead for details, including how to sign up.


  • Our best practice will be to send up to five (5) texts each month. The number will depend on what is news-worthy in a given month.
  • Our texts will cover topics of general SRCA interest, such as assessment and voting reminders, closures of our amenities or events due to repair or crisis, tips following a damaging hailstorm event, etc.
  • Our short messages will include text only (no images). You can expect texts of 200 characters or less.
  • The texts will be a one-way form of alert. The system does not accept replies. (As always, to get knowledgeable answers to your SRCA questions within 24 business hours, contact staff directly. Call 214.733.5800, email, or fill out the Submit a Question form > on this website.)
  • Text messages will be sent during business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
  • This is NOT an emergency or weather-alert system. The service will NOT be used to inform residents regarding local crime, weather warnings, lost pets, etc.
  • Data rates apply (dependent on your carrier, payable by you).
  • We plan to offer this as a pilot program for a year. The Communications Committee will review usage rates and user feedback to determine if the program should be renewed in 2021.


A homeowner listed on the property deed can register a private online account with CMA at any time using their CMA account number. Once they have an account, a homeowner can opt in to receive broadcast texts at any time. See account subscription and opt-in instructions linked below.


    A user can opt out voluntarily at any time. Per industry best practices, an unsubscribe link will be attached to every single text we send. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe via your private online account by un-checking the box(es) next to your phone number(s).

    A homeowner moving out of Stonebridge Ranch is automatically unsubscribed when their private online account is deactivated.


    If you have questions about registering for an online account with CMA, contact the Customer Care team at 972.943.2828 or

    If you have questions regarding the Broadcast Text program, call our onsite staff at 214.733.5800.


      The Board of Directors and Communications Committee are excited to add this program to our other channels, which include this website, the Stonebridge Ranch News magazine >, and bi-weekly SRCA E-News blasts. (To subscribe to receive our emails, fill out the Stay Connected form at the bottom of this page.)

      Homeowners can stay informed via their preferred method(s), although we hope you find each valuable in its own way.

      We are able to provide deeper analysis of our operations in magazine articles, for example, but we’ll be able to send out broadcast texts much more quickly. Our E-News blasts enable us to provide many useful links to this website, which contains our most comprehensive repository of SRCA information.

      The Communications Committee is actively researching other channels to add to our portfolio as well.