Stonebridge Ranch Id

Homeowners and resident household members may obtain a Stonebridge Ranch Photo ID at the association office > by filling out the Photo ID form > and providing proper documentation (see details further below). The staff processes Photo IDs Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the association office > at 6201 Virginia Parkway. We offer extended hours (from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) for getting your ID on Mondays between April 22 and Aug. 5 (excluding holidays).

If a property owner wishes to transfer amenity privileges to a tenant, the association requires a Transfer of Privileges Form > along with a $100 processing fee. This form must be filled out and signed by both the landlord and the tenant. The association does not mediate which party pays the processing fee.

To replace lost cards, the association charges a $5 fee. Parents need to replace ID cards for their growing children on an as needed basis, typically about every three years. There is no fee for updating photo IDs for growing children.

Do I need an id?

If you are a current, permanent resident of Stonebridge Ranch, the answer is YES. You do need ID! Below you’ll find the steps to follow to obtain your ID.
I am a homeowner and my name is listed on the property deed.
If your Stonebridge Ranch address is listed on your Texas driver’s license, you may use your license as your form of ID. However, you may also choose to get a Stonebridge Ranch ID so that you don’t have to carry your license as a form of ID. Just bring your Texas driver’s license to the association office. (If you don’t have a Texas driver’s license yet, bring your license as a form of photo ID, plus a bill showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address.)
I am a homeowner, but my name IS NOT listed on the property deed.
e.g. I’m the spouse or partner of the owner listed on the deed.


Come to the association office with the homeowner listed on the property deed during Photo ID session hours. Bring your Texas driver’s license with Stonebridge Ranch address and a billing statement with your name and Stonebridge Ranch address.

I am the child of a resident homeowner.
Parents, bring your children ages 3 and up to the association office during Photo ID session hours. To prove each child’s residency with you, bring one of the following:  a birth certificate, adoption certificate, or passport for each child. (If you don’t want to bring physical copies of these types of ID, you may take a picture of them on your smartphone to bring and show to staff.)


Note:  for growing children, you will need to update their Photo IDs every three years or so. At each update, you’ll need to provide identification for the child (e.g. birth certificate, adoption certificate, or passport). Be sure to have your documentation handy when you come to the office to have pictures updated.

I am a leasing tenant and the owner has agreed to transfer privileges.

You and the owner must both fill out the Transfer of Privileges Form and bring it to the office with the $100 processing fee. The leasing tenant and resident members of the tenant household will need to come to the association office to present ID. Processing takes 3-5 business days, and your non-photo Stonebridge Ranch IDs are valid for one year.

  • Adults:  bring your Texas driver’s license with Stonebridge Ranch address and a bill showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address.
  • For children:  parents, bring a copy (or photo on your smartphone) of your children’s birth certificate, adoption certificate, or passport.
I am NOT a resident, but I came as a guest of a resident.

Guests cannot obtain a Stonebridge Ranch ID. Guests may access association amenities (including the pools) only if they are in the presence of a resident with ID.

  • To enter the association pools, guests pay a one-time fee at the gate. Adult guests age 3-49 pay $5 each. Kids age 2 and under are free. Adults 50+ pay $1. Guests must pay this fee even if they are present for a gathering as part of a picnic pavilion rental at the Beach Club.
  • Residents may purchase $15 guest passes (valid for 5 visits) for guests they wish to bring to the pools multiple times. The $15 guest passes may be used only by a single guest (e.g. they may not be used to get five different guests in at one time). They are valid only for a single pool season; unused accesses are void at the end of one season and cannot be used during the next. Guest passes may be purchased at the pool gates.