Stonebridge Ranch Id

Do I need an id?

If you are a current, permanent resident of Stonebridge Ranch, the answer is YES. You do need an ID!

We ask residents to carry their Stonebridge Ranch IDs with them when utilizing our common areas and amenities and to access many of our events. Our Courtesy Patrol officers monitor our common areas to prevent unauthorized use by non-residents, so please be prepared to show your ID if requested. Non-resident guests may be on SRCA property when accompanied by a Stonebridge Ranch resident. An ID is also required to enter the pool gates during pool season. 

Read ahead to learn what documentation you need to obtain your ID. Note that you don’t need to come to the office in person to obtain your ID. Read further below for remote and in-person submission instructions.

I am a homeowner and my name is listed on the property deed.

If your Stonebridge Ranch address is listed on a valid Texas driver’s license, you may use your license as your form of ID. However, we encourage you to get a Stonebridge Ranch ID so you can quickly and easily identify yourself as a resident to our Courtesy Patrol officers and other staff.

To obtain your ID, you need only to provide a valid Texas driver’s license showing your Stonebridge Ranch address. If you are new to the state and don’t have a Texas driver’s license yet, you’ll need to show your current license as a form of photo ID, plus any billing statement showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address. If you submit in person, the billing statement can be digital and shown to staff via your smartphone.

I am a PERMANENT adult resident of the household, but my name is not listed on the property deed.

e.g. I’m the spouse or partner of the owner listed on the deed, an adult child living at home, an adult extended family member such as a grandparent, etc.


To prove your residency, you’ll need to show your Texas driver’s license with your Stonebridge Ranch address AND a billing statement showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address. If you submit your documents in person, you must be accompanied to the office by the owner of record listed on the property deed.

I am the child of a resident homeowner.

To prove each child’s residency and your guardianship, homeowner parents must provide one of the following documents for each child: a birth certificate, adoption certificate, or passport for each child. If you submit for your IDs in person and don’t want to bring physical copies of these documents to the office, you may show a picture of them on your smartphone to staff.

Parents need to replace the ID cards for their children as they grow. We suggest doing so approximately every three years, as the child’s appearance changes. There is no fee for replacing IDs for growing children. However, you must provide the documentation noted above to prove guardianship and residency each time you replace a child’s ID.

I am a leasing tenant and the owner has agreed to transfer their amenity privileges to me.

You and the homeowner must both fill out and sign the Transfer of Privileges form >. The form must be submitted to the office with the annual $100 processing fee. The leasing tenant and resident members of the tenant household must present proof of residency documents as outlined on Page 1 of the form. Processing takes 3-5 business days. 

I am the guest of a resident.

Guests may not obtain a Stonebridge Ranch ID. To utilize our amenities and common areas, non-resident guests must be accompanied by a Stonebridge Ranch resident who has a valid form of ID. To enter the gates at either the Beach Club or Aquatic Center, each guest age 3+ must pay a fee. Alternatively, on the guest’s behalf, the homeowner can present a guest punch card (see details via the pool pages linked above) or a Complimentary Guest Pass.


To utilize this method, follow the instructions outlined in the Remote Submission Form>


To obtain your IDs in person, you will need to fill out the In-Person ID Form> and provide all the documentation outlined on the form. Copies of this form are available in the office. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM (6201 Virginia Parkway).


To replace lost photo ID cards, the association charges a $5 fee. The fee is payable at the office by cash, check or money order. (We do not accept credit cards.)