Stonebridge Ranch Id

NOTE:  the office is currently closed to walk-ins due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are NOT making IDs at this time. Feel free to read the details below so you are prepared to get your ID when the office reopens to walk-in traffic.

During normal operating hours, homeowners and resident household members ages 3+ may obtain a Stonebridge Ranch Photo ID at the association office (6201 Virginia Parkway). To do so, you fill out the Photo ID form at the office and provide proper documentation for each person (see details further below). When the office is open to walk-ins, our staff members processes Photo IDs Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We plan to offer extended photo ID hours on Mondays from 5 to 7 p.m. between April 20 and Aug. 3, 2020 (excluding holidays).

If a property owner wishes to transfer amenity privileges to a tenant, both the landlord and tenant must fill out the Transfer of Privileges Form >. The form also requires an annual $100 processing fee. (The association does not mediate which party pays the fee.) You can download the form using the link above, request an emailed copy via, or pick one up from the office during normal operating hours.

Parents need to replace the photo ID card for a growing child about every three years, as the child’s appearance changes. There is no fee for replacing photo IDs for growing children. You must provide the documentation noted below to prove guardianship and residency each time you replace a child’s photo ID.

To replace lost photo ID cards, the association charges a $5 fee. The fee is payable at the office by cash, check or money order (credit cards not accepted).

Do I need an id?

If you are a current, permanent resident of Stonebridge Ranch, the answer is YES. You do need ID! Below you’ll find the steps to follow to obtain your ID.
I am a homeowner and my name is listed on the property deed.

If your Stonebridge Ranch address is listed on a valid Texas driver’s license, you may use your license as your form of ID. However, you are welcome to get a Stonebridge Ranch ID so you don’t have to carry your driver’s license to the pool. Just bring your Texas driver’s license showing your Stonebridge Ranch address to the association office to prove your residency. (If you are new to the state and don’t have a Texas driver’s license yet, bring your current license as a form of photo ID, plus a bill showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address. The billing statement can be digital and shown to staff via your smartphone.)

I am a PERMANENT adult resident of the household, but my name IS NOT listed on the property deed.

e.g. I’m the spouse or partner of the owner listed on the deed, an adult child living at home, an adult extended family member such as a grandparent, etc.


Come to the association office along with the homeowner listed on the property deed. Bring your Texas driver’s license showing your Stonebridge Ranch address AND a billing statement showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address.

I am the child of a resident homeowner.

Parents: bring your children ages 3 and up to the association office during photo ID session hours. To prove each child’s residency and your guardianship, bring one of the following: a birth certificate, adoption certificate, or passport for each child. (If you don’t want to bring physical copies of your child’s documents, you may provide a picture on your smartphone to show to staff.)

I am a leasing tenant and the owner has agreed to transfer privileges.

You and the homeowner must both fill out the Transfer of Privileges form >. Bring it to the office with the annual $100 processing fee. The leasing tenant and resident members of the tenant household all need to come to the association office to present the documents noted below. Processing takes 3-5 business days. Your Stonebridge Ranch IDs will be valid until 4/30/2021 for entrance to all SRCA amenities and events. Lost or stolen Transfer of Privileges cards may not be replaced.


Adults: bring your driver’s license showing your Stonebridge Ranch address and a billing statement showing your name and Stonebridge Ranch address. For children: bring a copy (or photo on your smartphone) of your children’s birth certificate, adoption certificate, or passport.

    I am the GUEST of a resident.


    Guests may NOT obtain a Photo ID. However, guests may visit association pools and amenities with a resident by following these guidelines:


    • New this year! On non-holidays during the 2020 season, each household in good standing may bring up to eight (8) guests to either pool. Previously, this number was five (5). On recognized pool holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Stonebridge Ranch Day on Sept. 19, and Labor Day), each household may bring up to three (3) guests.
    • Each guest (age 3+) must pay a fee at the pool gates to enter. We accept cash, checks and money orders. We appreciate exact cash, and we do not make change for bills higher than $20. The cost for ages 3-49 is $5. For seniors age 50+, the cost is $1.
    • Homeowners and tenants who have obtained a Transfer of Privileges may purchase a guest punch card for $15 at the pool gates. When in the presence of a resident, this punch card permits pool admission to a single guest for five (5) visits. (It may not be used by multiple people for a visit on a single day.) 


    This year the Board of Directors has approved a Complimentary Guest Card. Each Stonebridge Ranch household may obtain one (1) card for five (5) free guest pool visits. Residents, to pick yours up, you’ll visit the association office when it reopens to walk-ins (date to be determined). Details: 

    • Use your card in any combination, for guests of any ages, to achieve your five (5) free guest pool visits.
    • The card may be used during non-holiday, non-event pool hours only. It may NOT be used on Memorial Day, July 4th, Stonebridge Ranch Day (Sept. 19), or Labor Day, nor to enter SRCA social events at either pool (e.g. Evening on the Veranda, Family Beach Parties, Teen Splash Hop, etc.)
    • In order to obtain the card and present it for use at SRCA pools, your SRCA account must be in good standing (i.e. have a zero balance).
    • You may not share your card with another Stonebridge Ranch household. Your card will have your Stonebridge Ranch address on it. A member of your household must present it at the time of use at the pool gate along with a valid form of Stonebridge Ranch ID. Cards shared fraudulently between households will be forfeited.
    • Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
    • You will surrender your card to the lifeguards at the pool gate upon your fifth (5th) use. Each use will be tracked by the lifeguards with a “punch” on the card.
    • Renting tenants may obtain a card only after completing a Transfer of Privileges with their leasing homeowner.
    • This is a one (1) year pilot program that will be reviewed prior to the 2021 swim season. The Amenities Committee will look closely at pool usage rates to ensure the program doesn’t impact pool capacity or prevent resident household members from use of the pool facilities.