Tenant Home Upkeep

We Need your help

All homeowners in Stonebridge Ranch are required to adhere to a premier standard of care for the exterior of their properties. The collective effort toward beautification not only protects property values–it also contributes to the quality of lifestyle that draws so many people to live here.

As a renting tenant, you play a vital role along with all resident homeowners in keeping our community a safe and attractive place to live. We can’t do it without you! Below are some of the most common areas of compliance and maintenance that property owners and their tenants may negotiate in a leasing contract. Though the association doesn’t negotiate or mediate leasing contracts, it is important for leasing owners and tenants to discuss and/or negotiate terms regarding these areas of oversight. Note that this list is not exhaustive to all terms you may find in your lease.

Trash Bins

Per the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines, trash totes and recycling bins can be placed out for pick up “no earlier than 6 p.m. on the day prior to the trash pickup day and must be properly stored by 7 a.m. the day following trash pickup.”

Bulk Trash

The City of McKinney requires all residents to “keep property free of all material that can deteriorate with the elements, such as furniture not intended for outdoor use, boxes, appliances, vehicle parts, tires, paper and other objectionable, unsafe, unsanitary or unsightly matter. Material may not be stored in a disorderly manner or in such a manner as to offer shelter for rodents and other vermin…All fallen debris such as limbs and branches are to be removed from the property as soon as possible.”


If you need to dispose of bulky items, call Waste Connections at 469-452-8000 at least one day before your regular trash collection day. Bulky items are defined as items that can be loaded by two people in less than 5 minutes, and will be picked up at each residence up to 12 times per year at no charge. Bulky items are any items that do not fit into your trash receptacle including extra trash bags or large bulky items.


For more information regarding yard debris pick-up and other services, visit the City’s website.

Lawn Maintenance

Section 9.12 of the SRCA Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) outlines the basics of lawn maintenance required in Stonebridge Ranch. Your leasing homeowner may discuss these issues with you or negotiate these areas of upkeep with you in your lease.

  • proper seeding and consistent watering and mowing of all lawns
  • pruning and cutting of all trees and shrubbery
  • prompt removal of all litter, trash, refuse and waste
  • watering of all landscape
  • keeping exterior lighting and mechanical facilities in working order
  • keeping lawn and landscaped areas alive, free of weeds, and attractive
  • keeping driveways in good repair and condition
  • promptly repairing any exterior damage
  • complying with all governmental health and police requirements
Exterior Home Improvements

For all exterior home improvement projects, Stonebridge Ranch property owners must follow the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines. Further, many exterior updates require the property owner to submit an application to the Modifications Committee and receive approval prior to project start. The application process can take several weeks. When negotiating a lease with a Stonebridge Ranch property owner, tenants need to be aware of this process and timeline.


If you desire an exterior property modification, talk to your renting owner to see if they are willing to get the modification process started. Note that the Modification Design Guidelines may prevent them from agreeing to your request.


Single-Family Lease Requirement
Property owners in Stonebridge Ranch must rent the entire property to a single household for at least six months. Tenants may not sub-let rooms or portions of a Stonebridge Ranch home to sub-tenants.