During the summers my friends and I rode our bikes to the Beach Club. We were always playing on the volleyball courts or using paddle boats. It was a lot of fun growing up here in the Stonebridge community. I am lucky to have had such an active lifestyle as a kid and I really enjoyed it. Looking back, my parents made a great choice when deciding to raise us (my brother and I) here in Stonebridge Ranch.
Johnny Quinn

24-year SRCA resident and 2014 Winter Olympics Contender for the U.S in the men’s four-man bobsled team

It’s like living at a resort with the variety of activities offered, multiple aquatic options and golf courses. The community exudes physical fitness; walkers and joggers are on the sidewalks most any time of day.
Chris Spear

25-year resident of Stonebridge Ranch

The people who reside in Stonebridge Ranch are some of the nicest, most involved people we have ever been exposed to. It was apparent from our first time here that Stonebridge Ranch was going to develop into a very special community, and it certainly has.
Roger Harris

Former McKinney Councilman and 22-year resident

Whether walking on a path or driving in the car, the natural foliage and beauty of the homeowners’ yards or community property has taken my breath away.
Mary Thompson

Four-year resident

We love living in Stonebridge Ranch for a variety of reasons, but our favorite is the view from our backyard. Where else in the Metroplex can you see three golf holes from your patio? The people we have met here are some of the friendliest in the world. Of all the places we have lived in our 29 years of marriage, this is the only one that truly feels like a neighborhood.
Peggy Click