Transfer of Privileges

Tenants may have access to the premier amenities and events in Stonebridge Ranch only if the owner transfers such privileges. Note:

  • Both the tenant and the leasing owner must fill out and sign portions of Transfer of Privileges form linked below.
  • The annual cost to transfer privileges is $100. The association does not mediate which party pays this fee.
  • A Transfer of Privileges is valid for a single year from the date of filing the form. It can be renewed annually by turning in a new form and again paying a $100 fee.
  • The association does not prorate the cost of transferring privileges for any reason. For example, if a tenant moves into a property during the final weeks of pool season, the fee remains $100.
  • Tenants must come to the association office in person during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to present the transfer form along with two other valid forms of ID, such as a driver’s license and billing statement showing the property address.
  • Tenants receive a non-photo ID card permitting their use of amenities. They are recommended to carry this with them at all times when using open area amenities. This ID is required for entry to the SRCA pools.
  • Tenants who wish to obtain IDs for their resident children must provide a birth certificate or passport for each child.
  • Processing of the Transfer of Privileges form takes 3-5 business days. Forms are not processed on the weekends.
  • If a balance of $50 or more is assessed to the property owner’s account, a tenant’s amenity privileges may be revoked until the balance is resolved by the owner. If you are a tenant and are unable to enter amenities using your ID, contact your leasing owner to let them know. They can look into and resolve any issues related to their association account. (Unless the leasing owner gives third-party contact rights to a tenant and/or a property manager, association staff may not reveal any details regarding the account to the tenant. In such cases, tenants need to communicate directly with the property owner.)
  • Once an owner transfers privileges, these rights are to be used solely by the receiving tenant household and are not retained in any way by the owner for the annual transfer period.
  • Like any resident owner, a tenant who holds these privileges may bring guests in accordance with the guest policies specific to each amenity. For example, each resident household is permitted five guests per day at both SRCA pools, except on holidays (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day) when only three guests per household are permitted.