TxDOT Traffic Proposals

Want A Major Interchange In Your Back Yard?

We Need Your Help to Preserve Stonebridge Ranch

TxDOT has released their recommended alignment for east-west traffic mobility in Collin County. Unfortunately, they selected the route known as Bypass Option Red-A, a new six-lane highway that will funnel traffic from other cities such as Anna, Melissa, and Princeton onto US 380 right here at Stonebridge Ranch.

This option will have a negative impact on the quality of life in our unique community. The Stonebridge Ranch Board of Directors unequivocally opposes this option, as does the City of McKinney.

Now that TxDOT has officially released a preferred route, their team is asking for comments from the community by Friday, May 24. Today is the day to say something! If Stonebridge Ranch residents do not use their collective voice to oppose TxDOT’s proposal, in just five to ten years the premier look and feel of our community could be impacted. Each adult member of your household can send it in a response.

If you bought your home as a long-term investment and want to protect the beauty and safety of our roadways, read ahead. We’ve outlined the Top 6 Reasons why Stonebridge Ranch residents should care about this issue, as well as 2 Easy Steps to get your voice heard by TxDOT.


  • If TxDOT constructs Bypass Option Red-A, only a small portion of US 380 will actually be bypassed and a major interchange will be built at US 380 between Stonebridge Drive and Ridge Road (directly above Kensington village). The large interchange will be unsightly and will bring increased traffic and noise to our doorstep. See a picture of the area > where the interchange would be built. See a map rendering > of the location–zoom in to look closely.
  • We anticipate that funneling six lanes of traffic onto US 380 at this location will encourage many more drivers to use Lake Forest Road, Ridge Road, and Stonebridge Drive as byways to get elsewhere. Do you rwant more traffic using our residential streets as routes between US 380, Virginia Parkway, Eldorado Parkway, Custer Road, Sam Rayburn Tollway, etc.?
  • More traffic on our residential streets could eventually lead to the construction of more lanes along Stonebridge Drive, Ridge Road, and Lake Forest Road. We might lose the wide medians and tree canopies > that give our community streets such a distinct and beautiful appeal. You don’t see this quality of medians in every homeowner’s association!
  • TxDOT proposes that they would depress US 380 in place along our northern border. They would do this to create space to accommodate the swell of traffic funneled there by Bypass Option Red-A. This means that our residents could be facing years of major, invasive construction along our entire northern border. See the image of the depressed roadway > that US 380 would become along our northern border–it will include the building of large sound barriers.
  • While our neighbors in the Stonebridge Ranch villages of Kensington, Wren Creek and La Cima obviously will be impacted by this project, the building of Bypass Option Red-A will affect every homeowner in Stonebridge Ranch, whether it is through the inconvenience of construction detour routes directed through our community or increased traffic on our three major thoroughfares after the interchange is built. (The construction period to build the interchange and depress US 380 will take years.)
  • For months, the Board of Directors has asked residents to support a bypass option that would funnel traffic onto US 380 at or west of Custer Road through areas that are much less populated than ours. Importantly: we believe that TxDOT can find a solution for a northern bypass that would not impact existing organizations adjacent to Custer Road such as the ManeGait Therapeutic nonprofit. The City of McKinney has identified amendments to TxDOT’s proposed bypass routes Red Option-E and -B which would mitigate those concerns.

TxDOT is asking for YOUR feedback, and they are asking for it NOW. Even if you have already filled out a comment card or signed a petition in the past about this issue, TxDOT asks that you share your opinion today using their online comment card >. You are answering the question: do you support the proposal of Bypass Option Red-A as the chosen traffic solution?

Importantly: when we last asked residents to send in comments to TxDOT regarding this issue, only 300 Stonebridge Ranch homeowners out of 9,300+ participated. We have a much better chance of being heard if many more of us participate now.


  • Every adult member of your household can fill out TxDOT’s online comment > card by Friday, May 24. It’s quick and easy–you submit by clicking the “Done” button at the bottom of the form. Note that you can write your own comment, or you can copy and paste our sample comment >. (If you don’t want to fill out the comment card online, no problem! We will supply comment forms at all Stonebridge Ranch events > hosted before Friday, May 24. We will also have comment forms on hand in the association office > until May 24. Alternatively, you can print and fill out the form and drop it by the office at any time before May 24 (after hours, use the mail slot by the front door.)
  • Ask your neighbors to oppose Bypass Option Red-A by filling out the comment card, too. Do you oversee a social media page for your village? If so, please consider alerting your neighbors of this issue there. You can provide them a link to this web page for all the info.

Letter from Mayor George Fuller > to Commissioner’s Court asserting the City’s position.
Sample comment > sent to us by a concerned Stonebridge Ranch resident.
TxDOT Presentation > Re: the Bypass.