We Need Your Support   TxDOT Releases New Survey

After receiving citizen feedback asking for a West-of-Custer bypass option for US 380, TxDOT has published a revised proposal for traffic solutions in Collin County. TxDOT has also released a new survey requesting input about the revised routes. The new survey provides a quick and easy way to voice support for the route that will preserve our streets against traffic overflow from other areas.

***Even if you filled out the earlier citizen-led petition asking for the West-of-Custer option, we need your support on the NEW SURVEY released by TxDOT.***

The SRCA Board of Directors supports the Red Alignment—Option B bypass route. This option would route a US 380 bypass to connect WEST of Custer Road (see picture at bottom of page). The SRCA Board DOES NOT support Red Alignment—Option A, nor the Green Alignment to widen US 380, because these options would encourage non-resident drivers to use our main streets (such as Stonebridge Drive and Ridge Road) as arterial routes to get elsewhere.

Voice your support for Red Alignment—Option B by taking the new TxDOT online survey linked below by Friday, Oct. 26. On Question #2 ("Coit Road to FM 1827"), check the option which says: "Prefer red alignment—option B."

Note that there is an option to check “no preference” on the survey questions which relate to other areas of McKinney and Collin County. You can also include a comment on the last survey question. Here’s an example of the type of comment you could write:

“I support Red Alignment-Option B because it offers the least disruption to already-existing residential and commercial developments in the City of McKinney. Widening US 380 would destroy many of the new businesses that have been built along US 380 in the last few years and would bring more traffic to arterial residential streets that are not designed to carry heavy traffic flow.”


On Monday, Oct. 15, SRCA hosted an informational presentation which covered TxDOT's revised routes and why the Board supports Red Alignment—Option B. You can download the slides from that presentation by clicking the link below.

Informational Session PowerPoint PDF

TxDOT Info

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