At this year’s annual meeting, property owners will elect two members to the Board of Directors (and by voting, will be eligible for a valuable prize). Three people have submitted their candidacy for the Board. Below for each candidate, you’ll find their answers to the Candidate Questionnaire and a candidate video. Beyond the candidate information on this page, you’ll find voting information for these voting options: online, absentee, and proxy.

If a quorum is achieved by the Annual Meeting, the winning candidates will be announced on this website by 3 p.m. on Friday, March 10. The Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 9 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Crosspoint Church (2101 S. Stonebridge Dr.).

What is a quorum and why is it important?

Per our governing documents, the Association needs a quorum of at least 10% owner participation to be able to conduct the election and the annual meeting on March 9. This means that we need at least 937 lot owners to cast their votes. The votes which count toward achieving quorum include all online, proxy and absentee ballots collected up to the time the vote is called for in the meeting, as well as in-person votes cast at the meeting.


2017 Quorum Prizes  

The Big Door Prize – Attend the Annual meeting for a chance to win a credit for your 2018 annual assessment dues! To win, you must be present at the Annual Meeting for the drawing. Other restrictions apply; see below.

Online/Absentee/Proxy Voter Prize – When you vote online or by absentee or proxy vote, you'll be entered to win a credit for your 2018 annual assessment dues! Restrictions apply; see below.

Restrictions for both prizes:
  • Each lot owner is eligible for only one prize.
  • A quorum must be achieved for either drawing to occur.
  • The prize will be awarded equal to the winner’s 2018 annual assessment rate for their lot, whether flat rate or tax value.
  • The prize is awarded as an account credit against 2018 dues. No cash value or alternate redemption.
  • The prize is awarded to the owner, not the lot. In the event the owner moves out of the Association prior to paying 2018 annual dues, the prize will be forfeited.
  • Winners will be announced on this website by 3 p.m. on Friday, March 10.

Candidate: Norman Counts

Read Norman Count's Candidate Bio

Candidate: Maher Saab

Read Maher Saab's Candidate Bio

Candidate: K
risten Vartian

Read Kristen Vartian's Candidate Bio

To vote online, click the voting icon above or click here. Importantly, note:
  • Online voting will be open from Feb. 10 at 8 a.m. to March 6 at 5 p.m. CST.
  • To vote online you’ll need your unique registration code. This code is listed in the Annual Meeting notice (see a sample here) which is mailed to your home. The notices have already been mailed, and you should receive yours within the next several days (subject to postal service).
  • When entering your code, include the preceding two zeros as listed in your letter. If you do not, you’ll receive an error.
  • Only one vote/registration code is allowed per household, and only one email address can be used per vote. If you own multiple properties, contact Rony Peterson ( with a list of the codes you received for each property. You will then receive an email once all your properties have been verified and will be able to vote using a single email address.

How can I get my voting code if I’m missing my annual meeting notice?

  • Log in to your account at this website. Your account number will show on the top right of the screen.
  • Any assessment, modification application, or violation correspondence you have received previously in the mail includes your account number.
  • If you haven't received your Annual Meeting notice in the mail by Wednesday, March 15, and if none of the methods listed above work for you, please call the Association office at (214)733-5800 for further assistance.

Absentee Ballot

If you would like to vote by submitting an absentee ballot, click here to download the ballot. For information regarding the Absentee Ballot, click here. On your ballot, you can vote for up to two (2) candidates.

Voting by Proxy

If you would like to vote by submitting a proxy form, click here
to download the form. For information regarding the Proxy form, click here. With this form, you’ll either assign your vote to another owner, assign your vote to the Board, or submit only for meeting the quorum requirements.

Questions of the Board
If you would like to submit question(s) to the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting, click here for the form. The deadline for question submittal is February 17, 2017 at 5 p.m. CST.

Annual Meeting Documents Library

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