Maintenance at Two Wellington Ponds
The Association is conducting maintenance at two interlinking ponds in Wellington Point (specifically the ponds situated between Silverlake Road, Stillwater Drive, and Waterfall Drive). Staff noted that the pumps servicing these ponds are currently drawing an elevated number of gallons of water. This signals there may be a leak associated with one of the ponds. In order to determine the location of a possible leak, we are turning off the water to both ponds and will be monitoring their depth daily, surveying  adjacent land, and performing geotechnical bores. 

Residents can expect to see the fountains turned off, as well as a subsequent drop in water depth in one or both of the ponds. If a leak and its location are confirmed, we will be able to begin identifying possible solutions. See project schedule below. Please direct any questions to the Association office at 214-733-5800. 

   Water shut-off begins  Monday, July 25
   Daily pond depth monitoring Tuesday, July 26 to Wednesday, August 3
   Geotechnical bores Tuesday, August 2 to Wednesday, August 3

Topics of Interest

Stonebridge Dam

Last month, SRCA landscaping consultants noticed a slope failure along the dam adjacent to the tennis courts. Halff Associates Engineering (Halff) came out to view the site and assess the significance of the slide. They determined the slope failure is likely due to a combination of factors. Importantly, the clay material common to this area has high shrink/swell potential.  During dry periods it is prone to cracking.  Cracks can go several feet into the ground or be several inches across at the surface; they allow water to infiltrate into a slope at an accelerated rate.  This type of wetting and additional weight can cause a slide to develop, and last year was an unusually wet year. Halff notes that another contributing factor could be that the slope of the landside of the dam is too steep and potentially unstable. 

In response to Halff's findings, the Board of Directors has signed a contract with the engineering firm to prepare plans to solve the slope failure. Until the dam is repaired, Halff recommends that SRCA erect an orange barrier safety fence around the site and put down a heavy duty tarp/plastic over the site to prevent further damage.

Please excuse the unsightly orange fence and plastic for the coming months. Our goal is to have the slope failure repaired by the fall.

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