Rerouting 380 Will Effect Stonebridge Ranch

Survey closes this Friday, May 18
Protect Your Community with Your Feedback

According to the Texas Demographic Center, the population of Collin County is projected to grow from just under 800,000 people in 2010 to over 3.8 million people in 2050. Due to this increase, TxDOT is analyzing potential roadway alternatives for US 380 through Collin County.

  • What You Need to Know
    TxDOT is considering both new alignments along the existing route AND replacement routes in different areas of McKinney.
  • New alignments include widening the existing 380 route to the north (see the Green line in the map screenshot below), widening it to the south (see the Pink line in the map below), or upgrading the existing route to a freeway.
  • Replacement routes include several possible loops around different areas of McKinney (see the Blue, Yellow, and Red lines in the map below).
  • The proposed Blue Route and Yellow Route (see #1 in the map below) would link to the existing 380 route at Stonebridge Drive, one of the major thoroughfares through our community, just north of Lake La Cima and the Villages of La Cima.
    The proposed Red Route (see #2 in the map below) would link to the existing 380 route between Stonebridge Drive and Ridge Road, another major thoroughfare through our community.
  • If you have an opinion about which route you prefer, now is the time to give your feedback to TxDOT through their online survey. Responses to the online survey are due Friday, May 18.

Before You Take the Survey, Note

  • If 380 is upgraded into a freeway, it will have limited access points, as well as access roads running alongside it (similar to Highway 121).
  • In the survey, TxDOT asks for you to choose which one proposed route you prefer. The survey does have a comment box, however, where you can note a variation to one of their routes if you have one in mind. For example, if you like the Blue route, but think it should link to 380 at a different location/cross street, you can note it in the open-ended Question #3 on the survey.
  • The TxDot website has more information than we can include here. Please review the materials there if you want more info before taking the survey. Also below you'll find links to all the detailed route maps so that you can review them more closely if you like.

Take the Survey 

TxDOT Website

Green Route Map

Pink Route Map

Blue Route Map 

Red Route Map

Yellow Route Map

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