General Tips: Modifications Process

Are you planning to make improvements or changes to the exterior of your home or landscape (i.e. changing paint color, fence, patio or pool)?  You more than likely will need to submit an application and receive approval from the Stonebridge Ranch Modifications Committee. 

Please be aware that failing to obtain approval for modifications (changes to the exterior of your home) could lead to violations and fines. Please be sure to submit your application before any work is underway.

Please review the instructions below on the Modifications process. 


1) Certain modifications (changes to the exterior of your home), require approval.  Please click on the "Do Submit/Do Not Submit" list below to see which modifications require approval.


2) If you find that your modification requires approval, please click on Design Guidelines and Review Procedures to view the guidelines for the modification you are making.

Modification/ACC Guidelines

3) Now that you know that your modification requires approval and the required guidelines for submittal, you are ready to submit a modification request. 


If you would like to submit your application online, log in to your homeowner account, and click on the "Modifications Request" menu item under the "Homeowner Connection" tab. You can also track the progress of your request on this page.

If you choose to not to submit the application online, please print and fill out the Printable Modifications Application below.  You can either drop the application at the office or fax it at  214-778-0595 along with any necessary documentation.

Printable Modification/ACC Application

4)  If you are making a modification that involves a shared fence or a retaining wall, please fill out and send in the Neighbor Agreement Form below.  You can either drop the application at the office or fax it at  214-778-0595.  If you are submitting an application online, you can print the following document out and upload it online to submit with your application.

5)  If you are replacing your roof, you can choose a shingle type from our preapproved list.  If you choose a shingle manufacturer, warranty, and color from this preapproved list, you'll receive automatic approval for your roof replacement upon submittal of your Modification Application.

Please note that even if you use a preapproved roofing type, you'll still need to submit a Modification Application for Association records. Also, if you live in a village with subdivision guidelines, you need to follow the requirements for your specific neighborhood, which may be more restrictive than the master association's roofing selections. You can find subdivision guidelines in our Documents Library
under "Subdivision Guidelines."

6) Please note that certain villages follow additional guidelines.  Please click on the link below, and select Subdivision Guidelines from the drop down menu of our Documents Library.  Please select the name of your village to download your guidelines. Note that only villages that require additional approval are listed.

 Documents Library


If you have questions, or you are uncertain whether you have to submit, please contact the association office at 214-733-5800, advise the operator of the village you live in, and she will connect you to the compliance coordinator designated to your village. The compliance team looks forward to working with you.


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