Social Committee 

The Social Committee advises and assists the Board of Directors in creating activities and events that foster a sense of community. These activities and events include both traditional SRCA events as well as creating new events. 

The Social Committee meets the third Wednesday of each month.  The Board Liason to this committee is Michael Yon.

If you are interested in serving on the Social Committee, please print, complete and return the Committee Volunteer Form to the SRCA office.

Would Your Kids Participate in a Quadcopter Competition?
The Stonebridge Ranch Social Committee hopes to host our first RC Quadcopter competition for adolescents this coming August, but we need to determine if there is enough interest first. If your child would be interested in this event, please call 214.733.5800. The event would be free to all Stonebridge Ranch residents with proper ID in these age groups:  8-10, 11-13, and 14-16.

Data Required:  In the event we are able to host the event, we'll gather the following details about each entrant: resident name, age, and contact info; quadcopter make and model; and RC frequency (if applicable).

Quadcopter Requirements: Participants must supply their own drones. Each drone must have prop guards attached and weigh less than 5 oz. Flight will be line of sight and not using FPV goggles.

Event Rules: There will be two rounds. If you participate:
1.  Your quadcopter must start from the designated start pad.
2.  You must fly your quadcopter forward along the identified course attempting to fly through each gate.
3.  You earn a point each time you fly forward through a gate. If you miss a gate, you should fly to the next gate.
4.  You can earn no more than one point for a gate until you have successfully flown the distance of the entire course.
5. Your round is complete at the end of 5 minutes, at which time you must land your drone and remove it from the course.

Determining the winner:  Each participant's final score will be equivalent to his/her highest scoring round.

Note:  We will permit each participant to have one person on the course as a helper. This person may not fly the quadcopter. He or she may coach the participant and will be responsible for getting the quadcopter ready to fly again if there is a crash. There will be time to recharge the drone batteries between the rounds.

Social Committee Documents
all documents are PDF unless otherwise noted
Social Committee Guidelines
Committee Volunteer Form

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