Your Private Online Account

We highly encourage all homeowners to create a private SRCA online account with our professional management company, Community Management Associates (CMA). To do so, click the ‘Homeowner Account Login’ arrow at the top right of any page of this website. (See registration instructions here >.)

Creating an account is a good idea for many reasons. Most important:

  1. You can easily maintain up-to-date contact information. You protect yourself from potential issues by making sure we can notify you when needed. The association sends time-sensitive curb appeal notices via mail after posting compliance violations to an account, so updating your current mailing address and other contact info is especially important.
  2. You have real-time access to your SRCA account. At the CMA website, you can conveniently pay your annual assessment, review association correspondence and records, and more.
  3. You can upload Modification Applications > directly to the CMA site at any time. (Just be sure to upload a complete application with all required supporting documentation. Applications with with missing items are automatically denied.) For more information regarding the Modification Application process, check out the pages linked at the top of this site under ‘Home Improvements’.

If you are a property owner who rents to tenants, keeping your personal mailing address up-to-date in your online account is crucial. As noted above, we send communications related to each SRCA account to the property address we have on file. If the address on file is not your personal address but rather the address for your rental property, mail forwarding delays are possible. This matters because homeowner delays in correcting compliance issues can lead to violation escalations and possible fines.

We encourage homeowners to stay ahead of such mailed correspondence by providing current personal mailing information and also checking their private online SRCA account once a month.