Your Private Online Account

RTI/Community Management Associates (CMA) will be our management company through Dec. 31, 2021. To access your online account with CMA:

  • Click the ‘Homeowner Account Login’ link at the top right of any page of this website.
  • You’ll be redirected to
  • Follow these registration instructions to set up your account. (Note: the email address you use to register your online account becomes your email address on file with CMA. After registering, you can change the email address on file at any time by following these instructions.)
  • You can pay your 2022 SRCA annual assessment via online account with CMA through Dec. 31, 2021. Thereafter, payments must be made to GrandManors, the new management company effective January 1, 2022. For more information on paying your 2022 assessment, see this webpage.


Creating an account is a good idea for many reasons. Most important:

  1. You can easily maintain up-to-date contact information. Homeowners protect themselves from potential issues by making sure we can notify them when needed. For example, after posting a compliance violation to a homeowner’s account, SRCA staff send time-sensitive notices by USPS as required by state mandate and SRCA policy. As of the week of June 14, 2021, staff will also send these notices by email. (See complete details here.)
  2. You have real-time access to your SRCA account. At the CMA website, you can conveniently pay your annual assessment, review association correspondence and records, and more.
  3. You can upload Modification Applications directly to the CMA site at any time. (Just be sure to upload a complete application with all required supporting documentation. Applications with missing items are automatically denied and must be resubmitted.) For more information regarding the Modification Application process, check out the pages linked at the top of this site under ‘Home Improvements’.


Homeowners may download CMA’s mobile app for free on any Apple or Android mobile device or tablet. The app provides a user-friendly mobile format to access many of the private account functions available at Use the app to:

  • Register for your private account with CMA.
  • Update your private account information, such as your contact phone number and email.
  • Quickly and securely pay your annual assessment or other fees.
  • Submit Modification Applications and easily upload required photos and files from your camera roll.

Download the app using these links:

Two notes regarding CMA’s app:

  • Our main association, the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association (SRCA), has opted into this service, but some sub-associations have not. Thus, if you have registered for a private online account with CMA at and live in village with a sub-association managed by CMA,  you must set the main SRCA account (the one beginning with the number 003) as your default to use the app. See these how-to instructions to perform this step.
  • Two functions available online at are currently not available in the app. You cannot make an address change via the app, and you cannot set up ACH payments via the app. If you need help making such changes via your online account, please contact CMA’s Customer Care team at 972.943.2828 or Their team is available to assist with these and any other account-related questions M-F, 8:30 AM to 5 PM.