Your Village

Stonebridge Ranch is home to more than 70 different villages (for their locations, see the map further below) which provide a wide selection of architectural styles, home sizes and price ranges. Each homeowner in each village has the same rights and privileges to use all SRCA common areas, including the pocket parks located in neighborhoods throughout the community.

To protect the original look and feel of each neighborhood, each one has its own village guidelines which govern exterior home improvement projects. If you are considering replacing, adding to, or upgrading an exterior feature of your home, be sure to read the SRCA Modification Design Guidelines as well as the guidelines specific to your village.

In most cases, the village guidelines are more restrictive than those for the SRCA. In all cases, the most restrictive guideline needs to be followed.

Got guideline questions? Contact our professional staff at 214-733-5800 or [email protected]. They are available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


We highly encourage our residents to get to know each other as neighbors. Some of our villages manage their own Facebook pages where homeowners can communicate with each other. Other avenues for inter-village communication include NextDoor and various social media sites.

Note that none of these sites are managed or monitored by the SRCA and therefore do not provide official answers to association-related questions. To prevent getting misinformation, please direct your SRCA questions to the professional staff at the association office or the Customer Care team.

Many of our villages also host at least one block party a year, some on National Night Out each August. When villages host their own events, they are responsible for all communications, planning, and set-up and clean-up related to their party. Such parties provide a great way for homeowners to connect with their nearest neighbors and develop a closer sense of identity and camaraderie within their village. We thank all our residents who help organize such block parties and other events in each village. Through your hard word and desire to create a friendly village atmosphere, you exemplify the Stonebridge Ranch spirit!


As you drive through Stonebridge Ranch during the months of November and December, you may notice decorations at various village entrances. Such adornment is stored throughout the year and installed during holiday months by invested homeowners in those respective villages. (The association does not have the manpower, funds, or space to manage decorations throughout the entire community.) We thank all residents who give of their own time and funds to spread holiday cheer on behalf of their villages. Such decorations are reminders of the volunteerism and kindness that exists in our community. 

If you’d like to see you own entrance decorated, why not contact a group of neighbors who might want to donate time or decorations to this effort? Some residents take it one step further by hosting entrance-decoration block parties in November, complete with hot chocolate and holiday carols played on portable speakers. December holiday lighting may be displayed at village entrances commencing November 1st of each year.

Importantly:  if you hang decorations at an SRCA entrance, be sure to use only rust-resistant hardware. Rust is costly and difficult to clean, so you can help the association save money by using the correct form of wires, etc. Also be sure to completely remove any hardware when you take your decorations down.